What if..


What if,

what if everything is not as it seems to be.

What if this world is more than what we see. What if we could be who we want to be without having to please society? What if beauty really was in the eye of the beholder? What if what we see, and hear, and experience is meant to be like that, and we really are not deciders of our own fate. I tell you now that we are not. The world is set up in such a way that we follow and grow the way they want us to. Like small experiments who will not make an impact whether we survive or not. You and I both being set up for failure based on this praised society that has so greatly advanced. Tell me, how is a low income family supposed to put their three kids through college without having them work through it to help out? How are they expected to excel in such a way that they could be equal to everyone else, when everything was unequal to begin with? What if they tell us our faith is non existent because of their proven facts, and what we see is easier to believe than what we hear? Slowly but surely we are brainwashed thinking we have rebelled against what “they told us” when in reality it is what they wanted us to do all along. I am an outcast because I am a believer, I am an outcast because I sin against society. The beauty of faith has opened my eyes to see what is really going on in this society that sets me up to fail. But I believe. I do believe, and my faith is what makes me stronger. Under the shining light I have become stronger and will start a new revolution. The revolution of believers taking back ours one at a time from the hands of what has brought us down.

– A twenty something that still believes


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